Monday, April 13, 2015

Caught Up In The Moment

We've all done it. 

Getting caught up in the moment of doing something other than what you should be doing at that moment in time. 

Daydreaming about a glorious summer vacation while you should be productive at work. 

Catching the last episode of your favorite T.V. show instead of studying for that test tomorrow.

Surfing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram catching the latest on what your friends are getting into these days instead of doing household chores or anything else on the to-do list.

Trust me.  I get it.  I live it.  The acknowledgement of having responsibility.  It's always been there and it's not going away. 

Responsibility.  There's ALWAYS something that needs to be done. 

And not only is there always that something that needs to be done, but there is a moral component included because we either did a good or bad job completing our responsibilities.

But, when it comes to the responsibility of our health, what do we truly deem as being right, wrong, good, or bad? 

Do we believe we are being "good" because we are following the latest fad diet? 

Is it "right" to take control of our health by counting calories and exercising to prevent weight gain so that we can look good in less clothing for the summer season?

As the weather is getting warmer, there are more commercials on the radio to purchase products that will help people lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat just in time for bikini season.

I respect the fact that individuals want to look good, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and take control of their health.

I also think it is important for individuals to self-reflect by asking questions such as, "Who am I looking good for, and why am I trying to lose weight?

Questions such as, "Am I losing weight to look good on the beach?  Am I trimming up and building muscle so that I can look good for those wedding pictures?  Am I counting calories so that I can achieve a healthy weight to look good for my boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife?"

And, what makes us feel attractive?

Do you look in the mirror, take a brief moment then conclude either:

(A.)  I like what we see.
(B.)  I hate what we see.

(C.)  I don't care what I look like.

Or, do you rely on other people to determine your self-worth, physical attractiveness, or acceptance in society? 

What about the concept of looking good for YOU and no other person, place, or thing?

What about finding a healthy balance within yourself because YOU want to?

What about achieving and maintaining a healthy weight because YOU are worth it?

Based on commercials and what is on television these days, the societal standard is to continue to look young and be happy.

However, the means of looking young and being happy according to advertisements is to drink adult beverages, eat burgers, take prescription drugs, and have plastic surgery.

And, do we not get caught up in the moment when we see and hear these advertisements?

That moment when the commercial allows you to imagine being thin or muscular because of a new diet or weight loss pill.

That moment when you can imagine eating that indulgent burger layered with melted cheese.

That moment of imagining yourself dancing with your soul-mate at age 68 and still being able to make sweet love because of a magical blue pill.

It's that moment of happiness. 

The feeling many of us strive to achieve on a regular basis.

And if we are not feeling content or happy from within ourselves, then we may strive to achieve these feel-good emotions via drugs, alcohol, sex, plastic surgery, vacations, consuming food in excess, restricting food, or spending money.

Can that irresistible ice cream bar covered with three layers of milk chocolate make you feel better?

Will adhering to the latest fad diet to lose ten pounds provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment?

If you kick back and have a few beers then will you feel happy and relaxed?

I predict the answer to these questions is...


But, the feelings of contentment that may result from consuming high fat and high calorie foods, using the latest fad diet to lose weight, or consuming beers and spirits until you feel a happy buzz are only temporary.

Not all temporary moments of happiness are healthy or beneficial to your well-being.

It's your choice to determine the external sources that will not only provide temporary moments of happiness, but will also benefit your long-term health and wellness.

It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you are feeling pleasant as a result. 

At the same time, it can be challenging to determine whether or not your long-term health and happiness is taking a toll due to the indulgence of external sources that provide temporary happy moments.

The good news is we have the ability to live our own lives and think for ourselves. 

We can choose to get caught up in the temporary moments that lead to long-term health and wellness instead of long-term health destruction.

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis. -- Margaret Bonnano



Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, it is really making me think. There is ALWAYS something to do for sure. I have even said this to my wife on several occasions "there is always something else to do!" It can be frustrating but only if we let it get to us. The best we can do is portion out our time and do the best that we can with the time that we have!

Denise the Dietitian said...

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for reading my post and you are right about doing the best we can with the time we have :)

Best wishes,