Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's Scary To Be A Small Fish

What if you were the small fish swimming in the ocean?  Would you be afraid? 

Think about being a small fish for a minute...

You have the whole open ocean to swim in.  Where do you go next?

Do you swim around?  Do you look for the bigger fish that may want to eat you for the next meal?

What is your purpose?  Would anyone even know if you were missing?

Now pretend you are the big fish.

Your are the big shark that every other fish in the ocean fears.  You prey on anything smaller than you. There is nothing to fear in the ocean because you are at the top...well until...

The fishermen lower a large cage into the water and trap you inside. Then you become property.

It's a world of hierarchy.

There will always be a big fish swimming in the water eating little fish for dinner.

Fish live to exist. Fish go on about their day swimming in the water.

They breathe.  They eat.  They sleep.

Every now and then, they may fight for their lives to avoid becoming a meal or trapped in a cage, but the majority of the time they exist swimming in the water.

When it comes to you and me, people with much more complexity due to evolution, culture, emotions, and social organization just to name a few, we are uniquely human.

We have the ability to choose if we want to exist or to live.

In other words, we can go on about our days breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping, searching...Existing.

Or, we can live life.

Live the life that was meant for us.  Live life with purpose.  Live life without fearing bigger fish.

We are no different than the fish swimming in the water when it comes to surviving. 

We are extremely different from fish swimming in the water when it comes to living.

Obviously we do not have to eat each other for dinner when we become hungry (that's what the fish are for).

We are social, intelligent creatures that have emotions to survive and also to live with purpose. This is what makes us uniquely human.

But, we might be viewed as small fish under a Higher Power. A Higher Power that is not to be feared, but trusted. It is there to guide us, but we need to listen.

The gift of intuition is built within every one of us. The problem is we get distracted from all the noise that goes on around us and we don't set enough quiet time aside to listen to our inner voice.

I spent a large portion of my life not knowing how to shut off the noise because I didn't know it could be turned off.

But someone helped me. She told me to close my eyes. She told me to slowly inhale and exhale as she counted from 1 to 5. Then, I had to imagine anywhere in the world I wanted to be but I had to use my five senses to describe everything around me.

My place is the beach. Just me. 

I can feel the warm sun shining on my body and face as I lay on the sand. I can hear ocean waves crashing to the shore. I can see palm trees in the breeze of fresh air. I can smell my piƱa colada and taste it too.

It's peace.  It feels good.

It's the place we can go to stop the noise that is always around us. The distracting noise that so easily diverts our attention away from where we were meant to be.

It's life.

Life is filled with constant distractions that can take us so far away from ourselves that we lose our purpose and just exist.

Don't just exist.

Exist to live trusting you are the smallest fish in the largest ocean.

Don't be afraid to swim from one end to the other.

Trust you will not get eaten.

If you never start swimming to the other side, then you will never find the fish right around the corner that have been waiting to swim with you along the way.

May you find comfort and peace knowing that you are not alone as you go forward with accomplishing your goals no matter how small or large they might be.

Happy New Year!